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First Look - Agnipath Remake


Have a look on agnipath remake. Hritik  will play a role of amitabh bacchan. First look of apnipath remake looks promising.

Check out picture of sanjay dutt. Snajay will play a role of  menacing Kancha Cheena in agneepath remake

First Look of DON 2 Shahrukh khan appearance


Don 2 Promo

First look of  DON 2. Shahrukh khan appear in DON 2. Above picture taken from the shot.

DE DANA DAN in Oscar library


akshay-katrina-picskatrina akshay pics

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and humble and all-rounder for a copy of the 2009 comedy film released at the request broke excited killed, de dana Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Library with Dan.

For renewable for another script such as London NAMASTEY be respected already part of library collections. This means that students, film makers, script writers and actors must use for research purposes. The Bollywood film industry to meet another great achievement and shows its global reach and success.

Once again the notorious rigging gang de grain donations together, teaming up comedy, Priyadarshan directed Akshay talent with the Master. The film tells the story of two friends, struggling to make ends meet, but dreaming of money and faced with his girlfriend ultimatums to earn as much money as they in their hands in marriage may in turn that they go to extreme length to cater for their respective wants love. One backfired kidnapping, mistaken identity, a hired killer and leader of a Chinese character from one of the classifications found in the way a young, frustrated wife's 2009 Day one of the most popular Bollywood entertainment donated grain.

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